Company Creator Targeting: Select and connect with creators on X

Safeguarding Information Independence and Combating Hate Speech

Company An update on our work to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation on X

Last year we made clear that our #1 priority was tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE) online. Here is an update on our efforts.

Company Safeguarding Information Independence and Combating Hate Speech

Safeguarding Information Independence and Combating Hate Speech

Company Transforming the Global Town Square

2023 was foundational for X, and 2024 will be transformational. In 2023, we laid the groundwork for the global town square, and in 2024, that vision will come alive.

Company X’s Vertical Video Revolution: Expanded Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

A growing number of users are actively watching and posting videos on X, fueling the platform's rapid expansion.

Company Stand with X to protect free speech

On X, people of all backgrounds and beliefs have a place to freely express themselves, so long as they do so within the bounds of the law.

Company Maintaining the safety of X in times of conflict

Over the past month our teams have been working around the clock to ensure our global community has access to real-time information and to safeguard the platform for all our users and partners.

Company One year in, the future of X is bright

October 27 marks the one-year anniversary of this platform under new ownership and management. I am incredibly proud of the work our team has been doing to accelerate the future of X.

Company X’s community-led approach: tackling inaccurate & misleading information

X is committed to being the most accurate source of real-time information in the world. And we’re innovating to make this a reality, and have the data to show our progress.

Company Our ongoing commitment to combat antisemitism on X

Our teams at X constantly listen to feedback from users and maintain continuous dialogue with outside organizations to ensure our policies and enforcement balance free expression with platform safety.

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