Transforming the Global Town Square

Tuesday, 9 January 2024

2023 was foundational for X, and 2024 will be transformational.

In 2023, we laid the groundwork for the global town square, and in 2024, that vision will come alive. On the one-year anniversary of acquisition, we shared our progress and the unstoppable momentum we've gained. Now, we can look back and be proud of what we've achieved and the values we stand for. X is not just another app – it's becoming the everything app, seamlessly uniting experiences into one interface, for everyone.

We’re proud of what we’re creating. In the last year...

  • We made free expression a core platform value and evolved our content moderation strategy to support that. 
  • We doubled down on Community Notes to improve the accuracy and balance of information people are getting on X. Currently, we have over 320k contributors spanning 65 countries, and since December, Notes have been viewed over 50 million times daily on average
  • We made significant improvements to the X user experience, including a suite of new products and features that provide our community with new ways to create and connect on X. 
  • X is now a video-first platform, with people watching video in 8 out of 10 user sessions. 
  • We launched a new surface: Immersive Video, which now has over 100 million daily users – more than half of whom are Gen Z, the fastest growing audience on X.
  • We enabled long-form video uploads. In December alone, people watched 130 years’ worth of videos 30 minutes or longer.
  • We launched new features like audio and video calling and are seeing average call length of 10 minutes, as well as capabilities like X Hiring, with 750k active jobs now live on X in just 6 months
  • We improved existing products like Spaces through infrastructure upgrades that sparked almost 30 million different conversations last year. 
  • We also expanded on the pilot of Communities, which are now live in all English-language countries and Japan, and available globally. We observe users spending over 300 million minutes on Communities every day, with over 350k communities and around 650k posts created daily.
  • We introduced the world to Grok, a new AI search assistant developed by xAI. Grok benefits from real-time access to our unique and powerful data source, the global public conversation on X. Plus, Grok has a sense of humor.
  • We invested in creators, enabling more economic opportunity across the town square. We've paid over 80,000 creators through our ads revenue sharing program in less than a year.
  • We made advertising on X more relevant and impactful by bringing our organic and ads algorithms closer together, while launching new products and content partnerships to help advertisers drive full-funnel outcomes. Through these changes, we have seen a 22% increase in total ad engagements.
  • We delivered a suite of new brand safety solutions - shipping more products in 3 months than in the prior 3 years – and setting the bar with industry peers on how to deliver brand safe advertising in feed environments.

There is no substitute for the people or power of X

X continues to be the top platform for curious and influential people worldwide, who use it daily to follow their passions, especially during important moments. We saw various cultural events and movements that showcased the irreplaceable nature of X and the unwavering loyalty of our lively communities, such as Barbenheimer, the OpenAI saga, Nicki Minaj's "Gag City," and Shohei Ohtani's "not here" meme. By combining a public, live platform with the most engaged and influential users, we create a strong force for change.

From foundational to transformational

Here are just some of the areas we’re focused on for our business partners as we head into this new year:

  • We will increasingly power the X user and advertising experience through Artificial Intelligence — from enhancing search and improving ads to fueling a new level of customer understanding, and more.
  • We will launch peer-to-peer payments, unlocking more user utility and new opportunities for commerce, and showcasing the power of living more of your life in one place.
  • We will continue to show you more relevant and important content by enhancing our innovative See Similar Posts feature, powered by xAI. The upcoming See Dissimilar Posts enhancement will empower users to explore content that aligns with their interests or challenges their perspectives based on their past activity, improving the quality and balance of information they receive.
  • We will continue to invest in creators and content partnerships that attract new users and fuel advertising.
  • We will strengthen our full-funnel ads offering through the core pillars of video, performance, and brand safety. 
  • We will continue to partner with industry leaders to bring you more brand safety capabilities and verification through our partnership with Integral Ad Science
  • We will create more original content and bring in more talent with some of the most interesting and engaged people on X.

X is set to revolutionize 2024 with groundbreaking products and services that will reshape how we connect, communicate, and transact. Our unwavering dedication to people, partners, and communities drives our mission to improve and innovate, boldly venturing into uncharted territory while remaining in tune with our community's needs. 

Get ready for an exciting journey into the future of X!


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