X’s Vertical Video Revolution: Expanded Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

Monday, 8 January 2024

A growing number of users are actively watching and posting videos on X, fueling the platform's rapid expansion. X is now a video-first platform, with video being part of more than 8 in 10 user sessions, and we’ve seen views increase almost 30% year over year.

Plus, now more than 100 million people watch vertical video on X every day, and advertisers can now connect with users efficiently using the industry’s best brand safety protections. 

Effective February 1, 2024, X will expand access to our successful vetted inventory pilot with Integral Ad Science, a leading global media measurement and optimization platform, to all US advertisers. In this partnership, IAS classifies all Vertical Video Ad adjacencies for brand safety and suitability aligned to the GARM framework. 

This solution gives participating advertisers maximum control over where their ads appear exclusively on the X vertical video feed. Our pilot has provided compelling vertical video brand safety and suitability results and we are looking forward to expanding our solution to more advertisers. In addition to our IAS relationship, X has invested in our brand safety team with new hires, including a new partner manager and an operations manager. The team will continue to expand in Q1.

We’re excited about our progress in safety and suitability, and advertisers continue to embrace the feature innovation we’ve introduced to give them more control.

  • Customers have been quick to adopt our customizable keyword- and author-based Adjacency Controls for X’s home timeline, which prevent ad placement among specific terms or accounts identified by the advertiser.
  • We’ve also seen growing interest in our simple, high-level Sensitivity Settings.
  • Advertisers using these products continue to observe strong safety and suitability metrics, as measured by our integrations with 3rd parties 

To start advertising on X with these features, contact your partner manager or reach out to us here

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