Celebrating the voices of Canada’s tech startup community on Twitter

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Canada has emerged as one of the planet’s most fertile environments for tech startups.

This is fuelled by a strong pipeline of tech talent, an innovative range of educational and research institutions, plus a legacy of global success stories, including Shopify (@Shopify), Hootsuite (@hootsuite) and Slack (@slackHQ).

In the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, published by Genome in 2017, Vancouver and Toronto both landed in the Top 20 best global markets to start a tech company. With other regions such as Montreal, Kitchener/Waterloo, the Prairie provinces and the Maritimes also contributing to Canada’s startup narrative, there is no shortage of emerging voices that are driving this tech conversation at home and abroad.

Twitter is an important homebase for many founders in the Canadian tech startup community. It’s a place for these executives to connect with customers, interact with investors and share news, insights, successes and strategies.

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The roster of Canadian tech startup founders is endless. To shine a light on this emerging community, we have created a list of 20 names from across the country who are helping to define the Canada’s startup narrative on Twitter. With this list, we aimed to highlight a diverse range of voices from coast-to-coast and from ventures of varying sizes. The one unifier: all 20 individuals are using Twitter exceedingly well to grow their business and be part of the conversation worldwide.

Here is our list of 20, including their job titles, company names and where in Canada they are based:

  1. Allen Lau (@allenlau), CEO and co-founder, Wattpad - Toronto, Ontario
  2. Ardi Iranmanesh (@Ardi_MGMT), founder, Affinio - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  3. Carol Leaman (@CarolLeaman), CEO, Axonify - Waterloo, Ontario
  4. Derrick Fung (@fungmoney), CEO, Drop - Toronto, Ontario
  5. Eva Wong (@eva_toronto), Founder & COO, Borrowell - Toronto, Ontario
  6. Huda Idrees (@hidrees), Founder & CEO, Dot Health - Toronto, Ontario
  7. Jennifer Moss (@JenLeighMoss), Co-founder, Plasticity Labs - Waterloo, Ontario
  8. Joe Teo (@JosephTeoLS), Founder, Hey Orca! - St. John’s, Newfoundland
  9. Julien Smith (@julien), Co-Founder & CEO, Breather - Montreal, Quebec
  10. Kristine Steuart (@kristinesteuart), CEO & co-founder, Allocadia - Vancouver, British Columbia
  11. LP Maurice (@lpmo), Co-Founder & CEO, Busbud - Montreal, Quebec
  12. Lindsey Goodchild (@LindsGoodchild), CEO & Founder, Nudge Rewards - Toronto, Ontario
  13. Marie Chevrier (@MarieChevy), CEO & Founder, Sampler - Toronto, Ontario
  14. Maayan Ziv (@maayanziv), Founder, Access Now - Toronto, Ontario
  15. Michael Gokturk (@MichaelGokturk), Founder & CEO, Payfirma - Vancouver, British Columbia
  16. Nicole Verkindt (@nicoleverkindt), Founder & CEO, OMX - Toronto, Ontario
  17. Sheetal Jaitly (@SheetalJaitly), Founder & CEO, Tribal Scale - Toronto, Ontario
  18. Steven Forth (@StevenForth), Co-founder, TeamFit - Vancouver, British Columbia
  19. Tate Hackert (@TateHackert), Founder, ZayZoon - Calgary, Alberta
  20. Ujwal Arkalgud (@interpretivist), CEO, MotivIndex Inc.- Toronto, Ontario

Follow these and other top Canadian startup founders on Twitter for the latest updates and information on the Canadian tech startup community.


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