Talking Twitter with Devon MacDonald, Mindshare Canada

Friday, 1 November 2019

Our latest Talking Twitter Q&A features Devon MacDonald, CEO of Mindshare Canada.

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Who is your favourite follow on Twitter?

My favourite account on Twitter is @Seinfeld2000. To me it’s the best of what Twitter has to offer. It is an incredibly relevant and entertaining source of information that happens every day. It’s a fan account from the show Seinfeld and it takes any topic de jour, whatever the hot trending topic of the day is and relates it back to a moment from the TV show. It’s uncanny how good it is and how much life imitates Seinfeld. It’s my favourite follow.

However, I love Twitter for a number of reasons: for news, for information, and for staying up to date.

I’m also very into fantasy baseball. I use Twitter and follow a number of Twitter accounts for that I credit for letting me be very successful at fantasy baseball (I’ve won my league seven of the past nine years). Twitter gives me access to every writer, every team and every update for every player. It’s easy to organize, assemble the information and to get it instantly. Nothing else does that.

Why do you use Twitter?

I love Twitter for instant access to information. It holds a predominant spot on my phone, my bookmarks and my tasks. It’s my go-to place for timely information.

How does Mindshare use Twitter?

We use it a lot. It’s a very effective and brand-safe reach mechanism for a variety of our brands and clients. We use Twitter as a partner to help our clients stay informed and help their brands be part of culturally relevant conversations.

All of the Mindshare offices, regions and global have different accounts and we use it as a very effective and simple way to get timely information out about our business, to the industry, to clients, to employees or to general followers about what we are doing.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to leaders and CEOs about Twitter?

I’m a huge fan and long-time user of the platform. It’s a great platform for me to get access to information.

It’s a very effective tool and platform that also allows you be accessible to people. This could be employees, perspective employees, clients, prospective clients or the industry in general. It allows you to express opinions at a personal level that will help people relate to you in a different way.

If CEOs aren’t active on Twitter, I would encourage them to do so. Twitter is a great way to make yourself accessible to others.

In one word, Twitter is _________.


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