Twitter’s curation program with AFP expands to LATAM, Spain, and the US

Thursday, 27 October 2022

Estamos ampliando nuestros esfuerzos para identificar y elevar información creíble en Twitter.

It’s true: we’re expanding our efforts to identify and elevate credible information on Twitter.

Earlier this month, we told you about Twitter’s curation program with AFP in Brazil. This collaboration, which began as a pilot in 2021, helps our Curation Team add context to the wide range of Portuguese-language topics and conversations happening on Twitter.

Now we’re expanding the scope of our work with AFP to include Spanish-language content curation in LATAM, Spain, and the US. 

With the help of AFP, our Curation Team is now able to better scale and provide informative context on timely topics being discussed on Twitter in Spanish. We can also detect topics that are generating widespread interest in a more proactive way, including those that could potentially generate misleading information.

How and where does AFP curated content appear?

Just like our content curated by other trusted news agencies such as Reuters and The Associated Press, the content curated by AFP teams Latin America (AFP Factual for Spanish and AFP Checamos for Portuguese) is visible in the form of Moments that appear in various places throughout Twitter. These include:

  • Trends
  • Explore tab
  • Search
  • Prompts
  • Tweet labels

Another way we address misinformation via our Curation program is by publishing “debunks” relevant to the main misleading narratives circulating on Twitter. According to internal data, more than 9 million people per day come across at least one of these debunks while navigating our service. 

You may also see the information in Tweets posted by AFP or our other trusted curation partners.

Adding helpful context to Twitter

Our goal is to help people on Twitter easily access credible, contextualized information and make informed decisions about the content they choose to engage with. The expanded collaboration with AFP is the latest in a series of ongoing efforts to help bring us closer to that goal.

Earlier this month, we announced that the visibility of Birdwatch notes was expanding to everyone in the US. These notes are written and selected by people on Twitter, for people on Twitter, to add helpful context to Tweets in a transparent and collaborative way. Alongside AP and Reuters, AFP will help us evaluate Birdwatch notes in the US to understand how the service is performing.

Keep your eyes here or follow @Birdwatch for more updates.

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