Measure your launch and connect campaigns using Twitter Brand Surveys

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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Updated May 13th, 2020

Whether you’re launching a new campaign or a new product, or want to build cultural relevance among your audience, chances are you are looking to drive marketing objectives such as brand lift. In some instances, marketers may not be able to measure their campaigns’ branding impact as they are bounded by survey study minimums -- but what good is a campaign if we don’t understand how it moves awareness, consideration, intent, or other key branding goals? 

To help marketers measure how their campaigns are driving brand lift, we are making Twitter Brand Surveys available for managed accounts in North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East. We developed Twitter Brand Surveys while keeping accessibility and actionability in mind -- we wanted campaigns, big or small, to have access to survey studies and for brands to understand which specific Tweets drove the highest lift.

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Low minimum media spend

Twitter Brand Surveys is a 1st party solution, allowing us to offer a low minimum media spend requirement while still delivering statistically significant results. This gives marketers the opportunity to scale survey studies beyond large campaigns. Contact your Twitter account rep to learn more about the minimum spend in your region. 

Actionable insights through Creative Attribution

Twitter Brand Survey reports provide insights beyond topline results -- they deliver insights into how certain elements of your campaign and creatives are driving brand lift. We developed a proprietary Creative Attribution model to identify the Promoted Tweet or In-Stream Video Ad responsible for high and low brand lift, which helps marketers hone their creative strategy for the future. 

Additionally, marketers can learn how the frequency of their ad exposure affects brand metrics or understand the lift in message association for their brand and its competitors (hint: if there’s a lift for your competitor, perhaps the creative and messaging is not differentiated enough).

Quick reporting turnaround

To help marketers fine-tune campaign and creative strategy for future campaigns in a timely manner, Twitter strives to deliver reports to clients within 10 business days after the campaign ends. 

Many brands have already started using Twitter Brand Surveys to understand how their campaigns are driving brand lift. 

For the launch of its new Pandora Reflexions™ collection, Pandora (‎@PANDORA_NA) partnered with Mindshare and Twitter to drive awareness of their new line and used Twitter Brand Survey to measure results. The insights from Twitter Brand Surveys quantified Pandora’s success, revealing statistically significant increases in campaign awareness, consideration, and Tweet recall. It also helped Pandora reinforce its current campaign and creative strategy for the future. You can find more info on the success story here.

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Twitter let Pandora showcase the new Reflexions collection through multiple unique and engaging formats. Twitter’s receptive audience engaged with, shared, and talked about our creative assets, ultimately driving brand lift metrics that we strive for during a new product launch.

Charisse Ford

Chief Marketing Officer Americas, Pandora Jewelry


If you’re interested in running brand survey studies on your campaigns and want to learn more about which countries it is available in, please contact your Twitter account team for more information.

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