Introducing the new Website Conversions objective

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Today, we are announcing two changes to our campaign options for direct response advertisers in the US. First, we are introducing a new campaign objective in beta, the Website Conversions objective, that is designed to help advertisers drive cost-efficient conversions at scale. Second, we are renaming our existing Website Clicks or Conversions objective to the Website Visits objective to better reflect the actions that this objective drives. This change is to the name only — the objective will contain the same features and customization options.

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Performance and scale for retargeting campaigns
We’ve built the Website Conversions objective with performance-focused marketers in mind using what we’ve learned in working with successful direct response advertisers. The result is a solution that helps Twitter advertisers see better performance and greater scale in campaigns.

This solution is especially effective for advertisers who want to retarget website visitors to drive more conversions. Advertisers using this objective to retarget their website visitors on mobile and desktop receive, on average, 2.5X the volume of conversions versus similar campaigns using the Website Clicks or Conversions objective.

How it works
Website Conversions campaigns use data from Twitter website tags and Twitter’s interest and intent signals to optimize your campaign to deliver more conversions while meeting your cost-per-conversion goal. You’ll reach your audience on Twitter and extend your campaign to thousands of apps and websites so you can drive conversions across devices and environments.

These changes build on our investments over the past few years, now making it possible for you to reach your customers and drive conversions everywhere. These include both the ongoing enhancements we’ve made to our website tag to help you more effectively target your audience and measure conversions and to the Twitter Audience Platform to help you reach that audience wherever they are (even if they’re not logged in on Twitter). We’re now also leveraging TellApart’s expertise in predictive shopping and bidding to help you reach the right audience to maximize conversions on your site.

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Advertiser success
In early testing, we’ve heard positive feedback from conversions-focused clients who have run Website Conversions campaigns:

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We’ve been very pleased with the performance of our Website Conversions campaigns on Twitter and have seen meaningful improvements in both scale and efficiency. Relative to comparable Washington Post campaigns, we are now getting more than 5X as many conversions at a cost per conversion that is 88% below our campaign goal based on internal benchmarks. By using this new objective, we’ve been able to leverage Twitter’s customer data signals to reach our customers and drive cost-efficient digital subscriptions across both mobile and web.

Pedram Farsaii

Digital Marketing Manager, The Washington Post

We’ve used the Website Conversions objective to retarget our website visitors and generate cost-efficient conversions for our business on Twitter. Over the course of our campaigns, our cost per conversion has been 26% below our targets and we’ve been able to drive new, incremental customer sales across both mobile and desktop.

Nell Lanman

Digital Marketing Manager, UNTUCKit

The newWebsite Conversions objective is now available in beta to advertisers in the US. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to make enhancements to this new objective based on your feedback and will look to expand availability to advertisers in additional regions. To get started with the Website Conversions objective, visit

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