18 creators across SEA shared lists of inspirations to kick off 2021

Friday, 22 January 2021

On Twitter, people find and share inspirations, while in the process also discover something new. From Jan 13-15, 18 creators created and shared their version of #NewYearNewList to inspire people across Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. 

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With Twitter Lists, everyone can curate a collection of accounts that inspire them to achieve their goals or even trigger a new passion in 2021. From entertainment, arts and gaming to culinary, beauty, as well as health and wellness; here are some #NewYearNewList from influential creators you might want to follow to keep you inspired and have a more hopeful and optimistic view in 2021.

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“As a medical doctor, I will never forget what people went through in 2020. Let's reflect and treat the events that happened in 2020 as learning points to be more hopeful and grateful in 2021. On Twitter, I created my #NewYearNewList that may help people achieve their health resolutions. Let's embrace 2021 with joy and hope, by paying more attention to not only our own health, but also the well being of our loved ones in this unprecedented time,”

dr. Shela Putri Sundawa


“Last year was indeed difficult, but I’m aware that along with the hardships are opportunities for growth. Since I am at home most of the time, I turn to art and the #ArtPH community as we share our works together. Art has been a big help for me to get through 2020. This year, I’d like to pursue my passion by keeping myself inspired from the accounts I curated in my version of #NewYearNewList,”

Cyrill Acuña


“While many of us spent much of 2020 staying at home, entertainment became an increasingly important part of our lives. Through Twitter; I was able to express myself, connect with others and have real time conversations with friends and fans. I created #NewYearNewList to curate accounts that will be useful sources of ideas for my future works,”

Mew Suppasit



Share with us (@TwitterID, @TwitterPH, @TwitterThailand) what your inspirational #NewYearNewList are or use their Twitter Lists to inspire yourself to create your list and pass it on to others.

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