Santander UK packs a perfect 10-second punch with #BankofAntandDec

Monday, 19 August 2019

Each month we’re highlighting great short-form video campaigns that work on Twitter. We hope they’ll provide inspiration and show best practice. This week we have @SantanderUK and its new mortgage overpayment calculator.

What’s it for?

This campaign is designed to promote @SantanderUK’s new mortgage overpayment calculator and forms part of the bank’s wider strategy to make finance and money accessible to everyone. 

The brand used a Video Website Card with a 10-second creative that ties in neatly with @SantanderUK’s #BankofAntandDec ad campaign featuring Ant and Dec. Referencing the duo’s coffee shop from the main campaign, it features Ant handing Dec an extremely small cup of coffee while the line ‘Save money towards your mortgage with our Mini Mochas’, appears on screen. 

The Ant and Dec segment is followed by an end frame featuring an alternative invitation to save money using the @SantanderUK mortgage calculator. The Video Website Card clicks straight through to the mortgage overpayment calculator. 

Why it’s good? 

The asset is perfectly optimised for mobile - short and dynamic. The strong branding colours and recognisable imagery throughout the video make the Santander brand stand out immediately. While the clear captions cater to all viewers, even if their sound is off. 

Moreover, @SantanderUK  manages to pack a lot into the short timeframe and tying it neatly into the Ant and Dec campaign. 

And who doesn't want to take off years off their mortgage? Thank you Santander!

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