Creative of the week: Classic Fanta orange turns dark for Halloween

Monday, 11 November 2019

Each month we highlight great short-form video campaigns that work on Twitter. We hope they’ll provide inspiration and show best practice. This week we have @Fanta_GB and its latest campaign.

What’s it for?

This campaign launches a fun version of Fanta that is still delicious but with an interesting Halloween twist. 

To celebrate the spooky season, this campaign is designed to showcase Fanta’s limited-edition blood-orange flavour. Instead of the usual bright orange branding, the drink and labelling have been transformed to jet black. 

The dark addition will be available in all the major supermarkets from September until just after Halloween.

Why it’s good? 

@Fanta_GB ran a nine-second Promoted Video, to launch the Fanta Dark Orange. The simple video takes a fun twist on Halloween, introducing a (not-so-scary) orange “monster” and the new Dark Orange Fanta bottles and seasonal werewolves. 

This video is well optimised for mobile and ticks all of Twitter’s creative best practice guidelines:

  • A short, simple and effective video asset.
  • The Fanta logo is positioned from the first frame of the video on the right-hand side.
  • You don’t need to have sound-on to understand the key message!

The only question left to ask is, do you dare to go dark with @Fanta_GB, this Halloween?

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