Creative of the week: @PayPalUK connects with grassroots football

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Each month we’re highlighting great short-form video campaigns that work on Twitter. We hope they’ll provide inspiration and show best practice. This week we have @PayPalUK focusing on women involved in grassroots football during the Women’s World Cup 2019.

What’s it for?

The campaign helps highlight the enthusiasm and hard work of inspirational young women working in football at the World Cup 2019, which has proved a brilliant showcase for football in the UK with the @Lionesses and @ScotlandNT both qualifying for the #FIFAWWC and England going all the way to the semi-finals. 

Why it’s good 

@PayPalUK ran an In-Stream Video pre-roll for this campaign. The asset is perfectly optimised for mobile and for this specific product. It’s straightforward and non-skippable with subtitles bringing an excellent sound-off strategy. 

The pre-roll asset is perfectly aligned to the publisher’s content as it is positioned just before official content from the FA around Women’s World Cup. It also manages to convey a strong message and is part of a large piece of content. That highlights really well how advertisers can edit and be effective when using short-form content.  

These best practices helped PayPal raise awareness of women working in football and the growth of the women’s game. It also reinforced the brand’s partnership with the FA.


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