Creative of the week: @EE teases 5G with video on Twitter

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Each month we're highlighting great short-form video campaigns that work on Twitter. We hope they'll provide inspiration and show best practice. This week we have @EE, with its latest campaign for its 5G network.

What's it for?

The campaign is to raise awareness of the brand’s 5G experience, which is coming soon to the UK and promises users a seriously faster and better network connection.

Why it's good

What's better than a short and fast-paced video to promote a rapid and near-instant network? The Promoted Tweet loops on the platform and is well-optimised for mobile. It's 6-seconds long with a focus on a critical message and, to round things nicely off, has an excellent sound-off strategy.

These best practices help @EE get its message across quickly and efficiently, and drive website clicks for more details. That’s exactly what Twitter video is for.


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