Creative of the week: @Degree wants you to move with MotionSense product

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Each month we’re highlighting great short-form video campaigns that work on Twitter. We hope they’ll provide inspiration and show best practice. This week we have @Degree promoting its antiperspirant products by encouraging viewers to #MoveMoreLiveMore.

What’s it for?

The campaign is to raise awareness on @Degree’s MotionSense ® products, described as antiperspirants ‘that react directly to movement’.

Why it’s good 

Degree ran a Video Website Card for this campaign. The asset is perfectly optimised for mobile - short and dynamic.

Degree ‘won’t let you down’ is the key single message they focused on. The artful captions get the message across without having to turn the sound on, which is perfectly optimised for mobile. 

The use of split screens also helps to get the vibrant message across without it being comprised by the shorter timescale. 

With their mobile-optimised asset and their #MoveMoreLiveMore hashtag, Degree has managed to both raise awareness of its products and engage conversations in a timely and efficient way. 

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