#BrandsTalkTwitter - Trebor on Manspreading and Hipster Breakfasts

Thursday, 9 January 2020

In #BrandsTalkTwitter we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how our favourite brands’ on Twitter use the platform. This week it is the turn of the team behind the (@trebor_uk) Twitter account.

In campaigns like Manspreading and Hipster Breakfasts, Trebor has used Twitter to both generate and participate in conversation with its target audience.

Here we talk to the team about how it gets the most out of the platform. 

1. What role does Twitter fulfil in your social media strategy? 

It helps to drive engagement and spark conversation with consumers. Knowing that our campaign is based on insights from social conversations, Twitter is key to allowing the brand to participate authentically in them.

2. How do you handle direct messaging from consumers? 

We have an agency responsible for community management and looking after our social profiles to ensure quick, personalised responses to consumers.

3. How do you split planned activity vs tactical?  

For our current campaign, all activity was planned as we needed to land a new brand platform. However, as we aim to personalise creative more and more, we are likely to increase our split of tactical activity.

4. What is the most important thing to bear in mind before you Tweet? 

Firstly, the content must be on-brand with the right tone of voice and the right messaging. Then we need to bring something relevant to consumers, something that will cut through and make consumers want to engage with the tweet.

5. What are your most successful Tweets? 

The Manspreading post was our most successful, which earned a view-through-rate of 14.0% and an engagement rate of 0.98% vs. the rest of our campaign which earned 11.0% VTR on average and 0.58% engagement rate on average.

And in terms of why this worked well, we think that the creative is a particularly relatable situation that many of us have encountered, and not only that, but the lead visual captures viewers’ attention quite quickly and tempts viewers to see what will happen next.

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6. What gets the most engagement from your followers?

We had the ‘Hispster Breakfast’ and we’ve learned that content that is a bit more provocative and bring a real socially relevant tension can draw tons of engagement, as long as the correct balance is struck.

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If you want to keep tabs on how brands can create content that generates conversation - or just want to be entertained - then @trebor_uk is well worth a follow. 

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