Connect with Twitter in 2020 with our UK marketing calendar

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Euro 2020, the Olympics, Wimbledon, #Loveisland, and many more - whether it's sports, entertainment, or news, 2020 is full of major events. 

And unifying them?

They will all be talked about on Twitter. 

This is because Twitter is the place where events and stories happen. And now more than ever, your brand needs to connect with what people are talking about. 

So, to ensure you keep up to date with what is happening on Twitter we’ve created a downloadable calendar for the UK

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What's coming to the UK market in 2020? 

But there is more going on in the UK than major sporting events like Euro 2020 and the Olympics. 

Here are just some of the events that are happening this year: 

  • Bafta Awards - 2 February - when the internationally famous congregate in London for one of the world’s biggest film awards.
  • Eurovision - 16 May - one of the biggest nights on the entertainment calendar and on Twitter. If anything proves Twitter is a perfect partner for live TV, it is the millions of Tweets that come from this.
  • FA Cup - 23 May - the Champions League might be bigger, but this tournament is the one anyone could win.
  • London Pride - 27 June - London’s Pride event pulled in 1.5 million people in 2019. How many will be there (and Tweeting) next year? 

Why brands should connect with what’s happening on Twitter

When brands connect with what’s happening on Twitter, there is an instant uplift across the sales funnel. 

This includes an 18% rise in message association with the event and 8% rise in brand association*. 

Don’t miss out on what’s happening. Download the 2020 event calendar through the link below and connect with events through the year.

*Source | Nielsen Brand Effect (US/UK/JP/CA), Q3 2015 - Q3 2018 Connect campaigns, Percentages refer to % uplifts (not deltas or percentage point difference)

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