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Monday, 10 April 2017

What is the impact of my marketing efforts? Brands have been asking this question for years. However, even with the precision of digital, the challenge remains. A recent eMarketer report states viewability, attribution, and measurement are still digital advertisers’ biggest concerns. We are committed as a company to enhancing our measurement solutions, an area in which our MoPub team has already built a strong foundation over the past year. Today, we’re taking our commitment a step further and are excited to announce multiple new relationships with industry-leading third-party measurement providers that enable marketers to measure the reach of their video ad campaigns.

We’ve invested heavily to provide brand marketers with the ability to measure their impact along three axes:

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Our global relationships with Moat (@moat) and Integral Ad Science (@integralads) will enable marketers to understand if the video ads they run on Twitter are viewable by humans and compare video ad viewability and attention metrics across channels. Among the video impressions Moat has measured on Twitter, Moat has detected that over 99% of them are viewed by humans.

We are also announcing we’ll be expanding our relationships with Nielsen (@Nielsen) and comScore (@comScore). Using Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings and comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), we will allow marketers to measure whether their Twitter ads were delivered to the audience they intended to reach.

We have relationships with the top measurement companies in the world, which allows our partners to measure the reach, influence, and action that results from their advertising. This includes ongoing conversations with organisations like the Media Ratings Council on the accreditation process.

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As a trusted partner, Twitter consistently provides us with new ways to buy and measure our ad campaigns. This ensures us full transparency on the audience we reach and the impact we’re able to achieve. We look forward to seeing Twitter continue to double down on 3rd party measurement solutions.

Rob Norman

Chief Digital Officer GroupM, Chairman GroupM North America


Get started

To measure your video ad campaigns using Moat, IAS, Nielsen DAR, or comScore vCE, reach out to your Twitter account representative. Both Moat and IAS are available globally. Nielsen is available in the UK, US and more than 20 international markets.

ComScore vCE provides Twitter measurement in the US today with an international rollout to Canada, Spain and UK planned for later in the year.

To learn more about these solutions, including if they’re available for your country, visit our Help Center.

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