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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Four out of five people will watch digital video this year, that’s according to recent eMarketer research. As consumers’ appetite for mobile video continues to rise, Twitter has continued to invest in video by partnering with over 70+ EMEA premium publishers across interests ranging from sport and entertainment to news and creator content. As a result, video impressions on Twitter have grown significantly as Twitter is fast becoming the place for people to tune in and watch what’s happening live.

Video solutions help marketers tell their story

While digital video grows in importance, marketers are faced with the challenge of choosing between inventory quality and scale. To solve this challenge, we’re expanding the way brands can use premium video content to align with relevant audiences at scale.

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Our rebranded Sponsorship program enables UK and European brands to sponsor the best video content from our video content partners, such as ITV, Sky or BT Sport.

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Making sure that our content appears on a premium and brand-safe environment is critical for us as an agency. Twitter Sponsorships enabled us to align short form Rogue One promo ads with exclusive content from Sky while allowing us to reach our key target audience.

Rachel Walton

Social Advertising Director, OMD UK

Moreover, starting today in the US brands will be able to run In-Stream Video Ads at greater scale, to align with brand-safe videos from our partners. This opportunity will be available in the UK and the rest of Europe in the upcoming months.

Promoted Video continues to be our native video opportunity for brands to tell a rich story and engage in conversation through innovative ad formats.

Research proves Twitter video ads drive brand lift

Across 406 Nielsen Brand Effect studies, we saw video ad campaigns drive positive shifts in key brand metrics for advertisers. Video viewers were 194% more likely to recall the ad versus those not exposed to video ads. Similarly, they were 50% more likely to be aware of the brand and had an 18% boost in purchase intent.

There’s a simple reason why. People come to Twitter in a discovery mindset. It makes them more attentive, responsive and trusting of the video ad content they see on Twitter in comparison to other platforms.

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Building Trust Through Measurement Solutions

As we shared last week, we continue to invest in relationships with industry-leading third-party measurement providers that enable marketers to better measure the impact of their video ad campaigns properly. Through partnerships with Moat and Integral Ad Science (IAS), marketers can now understand if the video ads they run on Twitter are viewable. Our relationship with Nielsen allows marketers to measure if the ads they run were delivered to the audience they intended to reach.

In 2017 and beyond, we are investing further in the video viewing experience, content development, Live partnerships, and video ad solutions.

Get Started

To learn more about our video ad solutions, reach out to your Twitter account representative.

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