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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

People come to Twitter to see and discuss what matters to them — from breaking news to the day’s events and memes. This is because whatever is happening in the world, is happening on Twitter — with real-time conversation. There’s no better example than #NBATwitter. Check it out!

Right now if you want to follow #NBATwitter, or any news, you have to find the relevant accounts, hashtags, or Moments to follow. But this could be easier. We’ve been working to change how you discover all the information around news, events, and stories, and today, we’re sharing a few steps forward. It’ll be easier to find and follow the big events and stories you care about in your timeline, notifications, and Explore. Also, there’s a new look and feel for Moments showing everything you’d want to see.

Where It’s at

Here are a few ways we’re making relevant breaking news, events, and stories easier to discover.

Exploring Your Interests

Explore helps you discover more of what matters to you. We heard from you that Explore would be easier navigate if it was organized by topic instead of content type (video, articles, etc). We’re now experimenting with topic tabs in Explore so it’s easier to see what’s happening in news and entertainment, and what’s most relevant to you. Available in the coming months to everyone in the US on iOS and Android.

We’re also launching updates to search to make it simpler to find what you’re looking for. Starting today, at the top of search results, you’ll see related news, events, or stories and be able to tap in to get a recap and see the latest discussion, videos or scores.


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Your Timeline + News

Last year, we introduced “Happening now” at the top of the timeline for sports, so if your team is playing you can follow along with Tweets about the game and the score, all in one place. We’re now expanding this to include Tweets about breaking and personalized news. At the top of your timeline, you’ll see news that’s relevant to you along with the surrounding Tweets and videos. Available in the coming months to everyone in the US on iOS and Android.

Personalized News + Events Notifications

We want Twitter to be the fastest way to see the latest news around the things you care about. We’ve been sending breaking news notifications to keep people in the know, in the moment. Now we’re experimenting with sending notifications to you based on your interests (like who you follow and what you Tweet about), so you won’t miss a beat. You can always turn off these notifications by going to your recommendations settings and toggling to not see news. Available in the coming weeks to everyone in the US on iOS and Android.


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All Together Now

Moments launched in 2015 as a way to discover and learn about what’s happening — no matter which accounts you follow. More than one thousand Moments are created every week, and they’re now available in 16 markets and five languages. These collections of Tweets are a great way to understand and catch up with a story and the discussion around it.

New Look

Right now, you swipe horizontally to read Moments, but our research showed us that Moments are easier to use vertically, just like your timeline. In our tests of this new look, we saw significantly more people using and returning to Moments. So, we’re starting to introduce this new vertical timeline experience for Moments.

Some Moments — including Moments outside of the US, Sponsored Moments and Moments created by you — will temporarily continue to be horizontal as we roll out this change.

More Tweets

We’re rolling out multiple timelines in some US Moments to help you see all the best Tweets surrounding a story: a recap timeline showing Tweets you may have missed, another showing the latest, as well as top commentary when it’s available. If there’s a live video, you’ll see it there, too. You may have already noticed these changes for some sports games, but now you’ll start to see them for more news and events as well.

And, for the World Cup...

You can keep up with every shot, save, and goal on Twitter with our dedicated World Cup page and individual pages for every game, including scores, Tweets, videos, and Moments. You can find these pages at the top of your timeline, in search, or in Explore! Available today on Twitter for iOS and Android as well as in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Arabic.

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We’re keeping you informed about what matters by showing the Tweets, conversations, and perspectives around topics you care about. Our goal is to make following what’s happening as easy as following an account. Hope you like these updates and that you’ll let us know what you think — @ me!  


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