#TogetherWeCan: Cycle Against Suicide and Twitter partner to promote online safety

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Cycle Against Suicide (@CASuicide) is an Irish organisation working to raise awareness around mental health issues and the support services people can avail of when going through tough times. Put simply, their aim is to break the cycle of suicide on the island of Ireland. According to its founder Jim Breen, “our mental health is just like our physical health — it’s something we have to be mindful of — and from time to time we have to ask for help — and that’s OK.”

We agree. That’s why we partnered with CAS to promote the importance of online safety.

CAS works with countless schools around the country to spread this message through initiatives such as the National Congress which attracts thousands of students from all over Ireland.

This year’s congress took place on Jan 14 and attracted more than 4,000 students. To support the organisation’s work, @TwitterDublin hosted a workshop for members of staff and its youth ambassadors from across the island. The workshop focused on all things Twitter and the team provided best-practice ways to promote online safety. The feedback from the ambassadors was uniformly positive and we’re delighted that they now feel equipped to support their peers and other students to have a safe and empowered experience on Twitter.

While the ambassadors enjoyed the workshop, it may have been the cupcakes that won their hearts.

Youth ambassadors were then interviewed during the congress on their experience of @TwitterDublin, with all of them performing like seasoned media pros.

As a perfect end to an important day for the organisation, the congress hashtag (#TogetherWeCan) was trending in Ireland and @CycleAgainstSuicide hit a milestone on Twitter — the team secured their 10,000th follower!