New Klout Data Available in Gnip 2.0

Thursday, 4 August 2016

This week we announced the general availability of all Gnip 2.0 products. As part of that announcement we introduced the Klout 2.0 Enrichment - a new, enhanced version of our Klout Enrichment.

In 2011, we first announced our partnership with Klout to introduce influence score metadata enabling our customers to filter, react, and analyze Tweets using the power of the Klout Score. In 2013, we expanded this relationship with a Premium Klout enrichment pairing Klout Scores alongside Klout Topics to help customers understand and evaluate online influence through a wider lens. Klout Scores tell you how much potential a user has to drive engagement online and Klout Topics tell you what a user’s influence is about so you can better connect with and target the right users. Today, we are strengthening our partnership to bring new, never before available, Klout data to market.

Marketers, advertisers, customer support, and analytics providers need a deeper view of their customers, competitors, and trends to give signals about the users who are active in a given conversation on Twitter. That’s why the Klout 2.0 Enrichment will now include:

  1. Klout Score - A score between 10 and 100 that indicates the level of a user’s consistent engagement potential, often called Influence.
  2. Influence Topics and Scores - Influence topics indicate what specific topics or categories a user is influential in, typically driving engagement from others on this topic. For each Influence Topic, a numerical score between 0 and 1 is provided to indicate how influential the user is in this particular topic.
  3. Interest Topics and Scores - Interest topics indicate what specific topics or categories a user is interested in through their posts, bios, engagement with others, and other signals. For each Interest Topic, a numerical score between 0 and 1 is provided to indicate how interested this user is in this particular topic.

New Klout Data Available in Gnip 2.0

Klout 2.0 provides actionable information that empowers you to:

  • Rank influencers based on Klout data to evaluate potential follow-up for promotional, endorsement, or sponsorship opportunities.
  • Analyze the conversation about your products or brand to determine affinity groups.
  • Segment users based on matching influence or interest topics for further demographic analysis.
  • Evaluate the conversation around a competitive topic/brand and generate new content marketing ideas to win more share of voice from target customers.

One of the most common requests we hear from brands is to help them figure out how to identify individual users for product promotion or sponsorship opportunities. With the new access to Influence and Interest data that Gnip’s Klout 2.0 Enrichment provides, brand marketers have a powerful new dimension on which to base influencer marketing campaigns and identify influencers for their target demographics.

Tyler SingletaryGM of Klout & Consumer Data at Lithium

As an example, let’s look at how a natural cosmetics company could use Klout Topic data to find “citizen influencers” for their brand and reach their target audience with a promoted campaign. Using a combination of Klout Score and Influence Topics, the brand would be able to find Twitter users who are influential in makeup but also match their target budget - users perhaps with scores in the range of 55-70 instead of the top tier of celebrities in the 80-90 range.

Once a spokesperson has been identified, the brand might use Klout Interest Topics to curate a list of Twitter users who are interested in cosmetics, but perhaps have not yet been introduced to natural cosmetics. The brand could then turn this list of users into a Tailored Audience campaign and target them with a Tweet from the spokesperson championing the products.

Starting today the Klout 2.0 Enrichment is available as part of Gnip’s full suite of realtime and historical API products. With the introduction of the Klout 2.0 Enrichment, we will be phasing out the existing Klout Enrichments that have been part of our products to date. For more information about the Klout 2.0 Enrichment, including pricing, contact [email protected].