Gnip 2.0 is here

Monday, 1 August 2016

In December, we announced that we were building Gnip 2.0 — enhanced versions of our core Gnip APIs built with rich new data available in Twitter systems. Today we are excited to announce that 2.0 versions of our full suite of real-time and historical Gnip products are now generally available and ready for all customers to start using.

Making the move to Gnip 2.0 was painless. We got access to new types of Twitter data, and were able to standardize our rules, operators, and enrichments across the multiple Gnip APIs we consume.

Murali SwaminathanEVP, Engineering at Sprinklr

When migrating to Gnip 2.0, customers will get enhanced versions of PowerTrack, Decahose, 30-Day Search, and Historical PowerTrack that provide instant access to a range of new data, new operators and new functionality, including:

  • New Data and Enrichments: Take advantage of new URL metadata and a more powerful Klout enrichment to create new product experiences.
  • New Operators: Explore and discover Tweets in new ways using operators that enable you to filter on emojis, cashtags, quoted Tweets, and more.
  • More Powerful Rules and Queries: Further refine your filtering with the ability to build longer, more precise rules and queries to get you to the exact data you need.
  • Cross Product Parity: Create a more seamless customer experience through parity in operators, filtering and enrichments across our core products.
  • Even Better Reliability: We’ve increased the geographic diversity of the systems serving you data to give you even greater confidence you will get every Tweet you need.

Simply Measured ❤️ emojis! We’re excited to offer our brands the ability to zero in on the Tweets they want with the new emoji, image and video PowerTrack operators. The new operators will allow us to improve our filtering capabilities and ensure our customers get exactly what they want.

Ashu AgteVP of Engineering at Simply Measured

We’re sunsetting the 1.0 versions of these APIs on December 1, 2016.

We are looking forward to using the additional features of Gnip 2.0, specifically the addition of page titles and descriptions within the URL Expansion enrichment, which will enable our customers to extract an even deeper level of real-time insight.

Dmitry GrenaderVP of Product Management at Luminoso