Introducing Twitter's public policy #transparency page

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

As Twitter has become a live, public, and conversational window to world events, we have worked to educate policymakers and civil society organizations about our services and policies and pursued public policies that advance the interests of Twitter and the people who use it.

Our global Public Policy team works around the clock to defend our users’ voices and interests around issues like these:

  • freedom of expression
  • Internet freedom
  • privacy
  • online safety
  • patent reform
  • copyright and intellectual property
  • cybersecurity
  • disaster response
  • corporate social responsibility

Because Twitter stands for open communication, we’re pleased to unveil, our new site covering the most critical policy issues facing our users, as well as providing an unprecedented level of transparency into how and with whom we engage politically in the U.S. We hope to expand this feature to cover our global activities outside the U.S. soon. From here you can also visit our Twitter for Good page, which showcases the Public Policy team’s work on corporate social responsibility, and the Twitter Safety Center, where you can find tools and resources to help everyone have a safe, secure, and enjoyable Twitter experience.

In addition to the work we do engaging with stakeholders on public policy issues and in our corporate philanthropy mission, we also administer Twitter’s political action committee, or #PAC. Our #PAC is one of the tools Twitter can use to defend and respect the user’s voice. Expanding our involvement in policy debates and the political process is an important aspect of stating our position on issues that affect the interests of our users and the company’s goals. While there are many issues Twitter cares about deeply, our #PAC will focus on candidates who actively engage on:

  • internet freedom
  • government surveillance reform
  • reform of digital privacy protections (ECPA)
  • reform of patent laws

We will conduct our #PAC activities with a high degree of transparency. In addition to posting our, policies, and FEC reports, we are also committing to post notice of all donations to candidates within 48 hours.

As we grow the Public Policy team and continue to fight for our users around the world, we will continue to update this site. And as always, we welcome your feedback by Tweeting to us at @policy.