Introducing TweetDeck Teams

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Introducing TweetDeck Teams, a simple way to share access to your Twitter accounts without sharing passwords. The feature is starting to roll out today on TweetDeck for web, Chrome and Windows.

TweetDeck Teams is a simple solution to Twitter account sharing. It enables you to delegate access to as many people as you like, and remove accounts when they no longer need access. In order to use this new feature, you must log in to TweetDeck with your Twitter account. If you are still using a legacy TweetDeck account, it’s time to switch over!

Get started
If you currently manage and share a Twitter account, here are a few steps to get ready to use TweetDeck Teams. Let’s use @TwitterMedia as an example.

As the owner of @TwitterMedia, log in to TweetDeck using the Twitter account credentials, and from the navigation bar, select Accounts.

  • Select Team @TwitterMedia.
  • Type the name of the account(s) you want to have access to @TwitterMedia.
  • Select Authorize and an email will be sent to the account. (For this example, let’s say the user being authorized is @bobiltomore). Bo will need to Accept the invitation in TweetDeck to contribute. The email address associated with @TwitterMedia will receive an email that @bobiltimore has been added to the team.

Tip: If you’re currently sharing your account, you can change the password and revoke app access to ensure that from now on only the people you’ve just added will have access.

This short video is a quick and easy way to see how it works:

Finally, TweetDeck Teams has two types of roles: admin and contributor. As the person who knows the password, you can still Tweet from the account, add or remove team members, view the team and access the account from non-TweetDeck platforms (e.g.,, Twitter mobile apps). You can also update the account’s credentials or password.

Admins are users who sign in to TweetDeck with their personal account. As an admin, the user can Tweet from the account (plus build lists, follow or unfollow accounts, send Tweets and schedule Tweets), add or remove team members and view the team. An admin cannot access the account off of TweetDeck or change the credentials or password.

And contributors are those people who can Tweet from and act as the account (plus build lists, follow or unfollow accounts, send Tweets and schedule Tweets). Contributors cannot view, add or remove team members, and can not access the account outside of TweetDeck.

If you prefer not to receive invitations to others’ teams, you can opt out completely on, or just allow invitations from users who you follow.

Remember, once you’ve transitioned over to TweetDeck Teams, you should continue to use login verification on your accounts, and encourage your team members to as well. Instead of relying on just a password, login verification introduces a second check to make sure that you and only you can access your Twitter account.

We hope you enjoy this new account-sharing feature.