Announcing the Gnip Insights APIs

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Gnip’s Realtime APIs provide access to the enormous stream of Tweets created every day. Our Historical APIs provide access to every public Tweet since the first Tweet back in 2006. These APIs have powered the rise of a vibrant ecosystem of companies who deliver solutions to major brands around the world.

Today, we are proud to announce beta availability for a new family of APIs — the Gnip Insights APIs. These APIs provide access to deep insights about audiences and content on Twitter that will unlock new business value for brands and create new business opportunities for companies and developers that serve them. Initially, we have two new APIs in this family — the Engagement API and the Audience API.

The Engagement API provides powerful and flexible access to impressions and granular engagement data for Tweets from owned accounts. This new data will help brands better understand the performance of their content so they can measure and improve their marketing efforts on Twitter.

The Audience API delivers aggregate information about custom-defined groups of people who use Twitter, making it easy to derive valuable insights about these audiences. It does this by leveraging Twitter’s robust audience insights data set to deliver sampled, aggregated demographic and interest data while protecting privacy.

By getting this data directly from Twitter, our customers can free up the resources previously needed to build, train, and maintain one-off demographic and reach tools, and can instead focus on the bigger brand questions they face today.

The Gnip Insights APIs are the next step in providing global brands with the audience and content performance data they’ve been asking for. We’ve worked closely with NetBase and Networked Insights to help them bring powerful new solutions to market that are built on the foundation of the Audience API.

Chris Moody, VP Data Products, Twitter

While this new data has only been available to our launch partners — NetBase & Networked Insights — for a short while, insights from the Audience API are poised to add new business value to their brand customers.

Today, Twitter and NetBase are launching true innovation for marketers everywhere. With NetBase’s new cutting-edge product, Audience 3D, we tap into the new Gnip Audience API to give marketers a deeper view into their current and future customers. Starting from segmentation by usage, attitude and emotion across millions of consumers, we enable marketers to take it all the way to inform media placement and execute targeting in real–time, while closing the loop by providing connected campaign metrics.

Peter Caswell, CEO, NetBase

Networked Insights is excited to continue to break new ground with Twitter and extend the capabilities of Kairos(R) Audience Insights with the Audience API. In three years of helping brands like Under Armour and American Family Insurance find new audiences and expand their existing ones, we have learned how to convert social data into marketing data. The Audience API helps do exactly that. Our partnership with Twitter expands this knowledge to bring marketers nuanced, data-driven insights and segmentation capabilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Dan Neely, CEO, Networked Insights

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for Beta access to the new Gnip Insights APIs. Visit our website for more details and contact your Gnip account manager or [email protected] to learn more about how you can begin building new analytics solutions on these products today!