Instant and complete access to every historical public Tweet

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dr. Carl Sagan once famously said, “You have to know the past to understand the present.” For brands to most effectively analyze Twitter data in the present, they also need to know what’s happened in the past. This is the case whether you’re talking about messaging and advertising campaigns or developing new products. Gnip’s Historical PowerTrack and 30-Day Search API tools were developed with these pressing customer needs in mind. Today we’re extending our historical product offerings with the launch of our Full-Archive Search API.

This new product builds off of our existing 30-Day search solution and extends the available window of instant and complete Twitter access to a span of more than nine years… and counting. The Full-Archive Search API will now allow Gnip customers to immediately search for any historical public Tweet — ever.

This is a big step forward in the journey of deriving useful insights and intelligence from social data. The dream of mining this data for real-time, in-depth, unbiased insights on a global scale is getting ever closer. At Brandwatch, we’re very excited about the implications of this announcement and how we can continue to innovate using this type of intelligence.

Giles PalmerCEO of Brandwatch

The Full-Archive Search API combines the best aspects of two of Gnip’s most popular offerings to solve enterprise business needs with user experiences not previously possible. By pairing instant accessibility with the full archive of historical Tweets, we’ve created a new premium solution for our ecosystem of partners to deliver historical social data to their own clients. Just a few of these new applications include:

  • Inform a new product launch by instantly analyzing nine years of previous launch conversations
  • Create instant real-time Twitter data activity benchmarks for a new advertising campaign based on historical volumes
  • Provide instant historical Tweet insights to new customers of analytics solutions
  • Explore historical Twitter activity for context when responding to customer service inquiries

We’ve had strong adoption during our private beta, with companies like Brandwatch (@Brandwatch), Sprout Social (@SproutSocial), SocialBro (@SocialBro), Pulsar (@Pulsar_Social), NetBase (@NetBase), Livefyre (@Livefyre), NUVI (@NUVI) and others incorporating Full-Archive Search into their solutions. According to NUVI:

Instant and complete access to historical Twitter data has been the missing piece to our social media suite and we couldn’t be more excited to add it to our platform. The ability to look back in time and draw instant insights from conversations that took place months, even years ago is game-changing and will transform the way NUVI users analyze social data. The Full-Archive Search creates a historical baseline for all Twitter activity and gives our users the ability to compare and contrast past trends and campaigns.

Keith NellesenCEO of NUVI

Customer-focused solutions like the Full-Archive Search API and the new enhanced data enrichments it affords are just the first of new Twitter data products and functionality in the months to come. For more technical information about the Full Archive Search API, you can read our support documentation, and contact the Twitter Data Sales team at [email protected] to learn how your business can start using this new historical API today.