New Tweet activity dashboard offers richer analytics

Thursday, 10 July 2014

We’re giving the Tweet activity dashboard a refresh today, with richer data to give you more detailed insights into how your Tweets are performing.

Up until now, using the previous dashboard’s available data, a Tweet’s impact was measured largely by the number of Retweets and favorites it received. That data will still be visible in the new dashboard — available to verified users, Twitter Card publishers and advertisers — along with additional details into the various ways people are engaging with your Tweets and new insight into the reach of your Tweets with impressions data.

New Tweet activity dashboard offers richer analytics

This impressions metric tells you how many times your Tweet has been viewed on Twitter’s Android and iOS apps or on You can view the total impressions on a Tweet, as well as an hour-by-hour breakdown for the first day of that Tweet. You also get insight into total impressions for all your Tweets in aggregate over a 28-day period.

In addition to the number of impressions, Retweets and favorites your Tweet received, the dashboard gives a breakdown of how people are engaging with it. Just click on the Tweet you’re interested in and it will expand to show you more detail. For Tweets with links, for example, you’ll see link clicks; for Tweets with hashtags, you’ll see hashtag clicks; for Tweets with App Cards, you’ll see how many times people clicked to install your app or open it (if it’s already downloaded). And if you receive follows or profile views from a particular Tweet, you’ll see that too.

New Tweet activity dashboard offers richer analytics

Finally, in addition to a web interface refresh for all Tweet activity the CSV export tool will show you data for up to 3,200 Tweets (up from 500) and includes a breakdown of all impressions and other engagement numbers.

Ecosystem partner and early tester Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of Simply Measured (@simplymeasured), says, “With social media maturing as a marketing channel, measurement is the top priority for brands looking to understand performance and scale investment. By allowing access to real impression data, Twitter is giving businesses a relevant benchmark to compare social marketing outcomes with other digital channels.” Simply Measured has updated its Twitter Report to support our new CSV export.

And Sarah Potts, Marketing and Communications Manager at the non-profit Not For Sale (@nfs), says, “Using the engagement rate as our KPI is helping us make our content clearer, more targeted, and more interesting to our followers.”

This new toolset can help you identify in real time which Tweets are getting the most attention and how you’re reaching your audience, information you can use to determine the Twitter strategies that work for you. To get started and for tips on best practices, visit our media site and continue to follow the media blog.

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