@adamlevine, @blakeshelton swap Twitter accounts during premiere of 'The Voice'

Friday, 28 February 2014

Monday’s premiere of “The Voice” (@NBCTheVoice) showcased a new way of doing a Twitter handle takeover.

Instead of taking over the @NBCTheVoice account, @adamlevine and @blakeshelton took over each other’s Twitter accounts to live-tweet the East Coast broadcast of “The Voice.”

The #VoiceTakeover stunt uniquely leveraged the show’s most valuable asset — the talent — and was staged at the right time, during the broadcast. That’s the key window measured by the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) from Nielsen SocialGuide (@Social_Guide). Levine and Shelton used their star power reach of a combined 10 million Twitter followers to highlight that both “The Voice” (and their bromance) are back in bloom.

Here are a few Tweets that highlight the hilarity of it all:

This takeover approach was a success not only for the show, which NTTR reports generated 330,000 Tweets seen 16.7 million times by 4.5 million people, but also for Levine and Shelton. Both accounts saw phenomenal growth and engagement. @adamlevine’s 18 Tweets drew 69,721 Retweets and 175,447 favorites; @blakeshelton’s 21 Tweets saw 42,894 Retweets and 120,299 favorites.

The #VoiceTakeover swap fueled the best follower growth ever for @adamlevine and @blakeshelton.

@adamlevine gained 54,000 new followers, 14,000 more than his last biggest day, and his number of new followers on Monday was 14 times his daily average for the last year. Similarly, @blakeshelton’s 41,000 new followers was 5 times more than his daily average.

Of course, this means that Levine’s best day of tweeting was when Shelton was doing the tweeting. But don’t worry, Blake — the same holds true for you!

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