Hawaii Five-0 lets viewers decide whodunit

Friday, 11 January 2013

Have you ever wished that you had the chance to direct an episode of your favorite show? Do you think you’d make a great detective? Next week CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 (@HawaiiFive0CBS) is letting the viewers sit in the director chair and put on their detective hat.

Fans of Hawaii Five-0 will be able to choose the ending of the show in real-time on Monday evening. The #H50 team will spend the episode investigating the mysterious death of a professor, with the TA, the student, and the boss all prime suspects. As the drama unfolds on screen, viewers will see a prompt to vote for the culprit by tweeting #theTA, #TheStudent or #TheBoss. Behind the scenes, the Hawaii Five-0 production team will be tallying the votes immediately, and will put the most popular selection on air to end the show.

The episode airs from 10-11pm ET & PT on Monday (Jan 14), with separate voting for the east and west coast. That means that each half of the country may see entirely different endings, based on what’s being most tweeted during the local broadcast. (CBS will make all 3 versions available online following the show.) This marks the first time a primetime drama has put the outcome of a scripted show into the fan’s hands via Twitter.

Posted by Grace Chu Lee (@gracelee)
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