Election day 2013

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It’s the first Tuesday of November, so it’s election day in the U.S. — don’t forget to vote! Twitter can help you prepare to cast your ballot today, and to stay engaged with your elected officials every day.

Right now, you’ll find the following major government officials on Twitter:

  • Senate: 100%
  • House: 97%
  • Cabinet: All agencies, and 7 out of 15 Cabinet Secretaries
  • Governors: 49 out of 50
  • Mayors: 22 out of 25 mayors of the most populous cities

Two gubernatorial seats are contested this year, in New Jersey and Virginia. The major candidates in both states have been active on Twitter during the campaign. Voters and election-watchers can hear from the candidates directly, learn more about the issues, and connect with other supporters.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who is seeking re-election, has turned to Vine in the final stretch of the campaign, posting over 100 videos (and counting!) since joining less than a week ago. His Vine videos offer a glimpse into life on the campaign trail, and let citizens hear directly from him:

Other prominent political figures have been turning to Twitter to publicly voice their endorsements of the candidates:

The New York City mayoral race also has attracted a great deal of attention, as well as conversation on Twitter. The leading candidates have used Twitter to share a mix of serious policy agendas, insights into their campaign workings, endorsements and a little levity.


The last time a new mayor was elected in Boston, Twitter wasn’t around. Two decades later, the candidates are tweeting their way through the city:

Other major mayoral races include Detroit (@Duggan4Detroit vs. @BennyNapoleon), Seattle (@MichaelMcGinn vs. @EdMurray4Mayor), and Cleveland (@KenAlanci vs. Frank Jackson).

And there may be elections in your municipality for other offices or referenda. If you need to double-check, many local election boards are tweeting out voter information, wait times, and reminders:

Now don’t forget to vote!