Swifter navigation for TweetDeck

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Today you can more easily discover and react to the information you care about with new navigation features in TweetDeck. You have given us some really useful feedback after using these features on web.tweetdeck.com, and now you can use this swifter TweetDeck on other platforms too by visiting tweetdeck.com.

Here’s an overview of what’s changed.

Browse easily

Now your columns are arranged in one continuous horizontal row, allowing you to navigate smoothly left and right with the scrollbar.

You can scroll several columns at a time by clicking the arrows either side of the “Columns” button on the top toolbar. You can also click the “Columns” button to reveal the full list of all the columns in your TweetDeck and access any column immediately.

Swifter navigation for TweetDeck

Manage your columns

With the addition of the new Columns button it’s now easier to arrange your columns. With the column drop-down open, simply hover over the “drag” icon to the right of the column name you wish to move, click and drag the column to its new position, then drop.

Swifter navigation for TweetDeck

Act on what’s happening

A menu icon on every Tweet gives you instant access to more Tweet actions, like “Create link”, and user-related actions, like “Block”. This makes it possible report a user for spam, add an account to a list, delete your own Tweet, and much more, all without having to leave your main column view.

Swifter navigation for TweetDeck

This swifter version of TweetDeck is available now at tweetdeck.com, where you can download TweetDeck for Mac and Windows, access the Chrome app or sign in to web.tweetdeck.com.

Posted by Richard Barley (@richardbarley)
Product Manager, on behalf of the TweetDeck team