Staring at the sun together

Monday, 21 May 2012

Yesterday, around the world, people paused their daily routines to gaze upward for a glimpse of the annular solar eclipse. They pointed cameras and cameraphones towards the sun or at the deepening dancing shadows in hopes of capturing images of this incredible sight. Collectively, these photos transcend language to tell the story of people marveling at one of our solar system’s most magical moments.

Here are just a few of the views people tweeted. To see more stunning photos from all over, visit our search results for “eclipse”.


Complete solar eclipse gold ring today


Here comes Baily’s beads! The sun looks like a bead because of the moon’s bumps. Annular eclipse original phenomenon.

I was taken with a lens that’s 3 months’ salary! No proposal.

Sunlight through a blind on our office floor looked like this.

Annular eclipse observation at our apartment rooftop is done. I was not planning to take photos but I took these with my “just-in-case” NEX-5. I put the eclipse glasses on the lens. Chronologically from left.


New Mexico:


Lake Tahoe:

San Francisco:


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