Speaking up for online trust

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Building and maintaining trust online requires active collaboration between teams across a company ranging from policy to engineering to operations. And services like Twitter, whose platform is built on user trust, must work with security companies and many other organizations that help bring trust to the Internet’s distributed architecture to agree upon policies and build mechanisms that enable a safe online experience for everyone.

Forums such as the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) serve as a conduit to facilitate relationships between all these players. Earlier this year, we were pleased to have been chosen for OTA’s honor roll. Now some of us are speaking at this week’s OTA Forum in San Jose to help advance efforts around online trust:

October 2, 4pm:
Director of Information Security Bob Lord (@boblord) will be speaking about the Future of SSL Security & Site Optimization,with Rick Andrews of Symantec and Ben Wilson of DigiCert.

October 2, 5pm:
Manager of Ad Traffic Quality Neil Daswani (@neildaswani) is on a panel about the Integrity of the Ad Supply Chain, together with Rizwan Husain of Symantec, Elias Manousos of RiskIQ, and Summer Koide of Zedo.

October 3, 9am:
Director of Trust and Safety Del Harvey (@delbius) will be speaking about the Evolution of Trust, Relationships, and Identity, along with Kevin Easterwood of Alcatel-Lucent.

October 3, 11:30am:
@boblord again, on Account Takeover Ideas and Solutions with John Scarrow of Microsoft and Steve Slater of Responsys.

Look us up if you’ll be at the OTA Forum, and join the discussion to help further build, maintain, and promote trust online, using @OTAlliance and the hashtag #OTAForum2012.

Posted by Neil Daswani @neildaswani
Engineering Manager, Ad Traffic Quality