Search for a new perspective

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Over the last few months we’ve made it easier to search for what’s happening in real time with autocomplete, related queries and spelling corrections. And starting today you’ll see better search results that highlight the photos, videos and news shared on Twitter, all wrapped up in more social context tailored for you.

Search for a new perspective

Here are three new elements you’ll see when you search:

View photos and videos first: People tell incredible stories on Twitter through photos and videos. When you search for a person, an event or a hashtag, you can now see a grid of the most relevant media above the stream of Tweets.

See headlines and photos: You can also see media instantly in your search results stream on iPhone and Android. Photos and article summaries automatically show previews to give you a bird’s eye view on what’s happening.

Understand context: About a year ago we launched tailored ranking of your search results, but until now you couldn’t see why a specific Tweet might matter more to you. Now you can see context like who favorited or retweeted right there in the Tweet.

You can enjoy these results now on and updated mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Stay tuned, as we continue to make search on Twitter an easier, more delightful experience.

Posted by Tian Wang - @wangtian
Engineer, Search and Relevance