A new way to experience profiles: with or without replies

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

When you visit a Twitter user’s profile, you may want to see his or her original Tweets rather than their conversations. Then again, you may enjoy seeing the back-and-forth exchanges they have with other Twitter users. Now you can have it both ways.

When you visit the profiles of verified accounts, such as @bubbawatson, @NASCAR or @Pepsi, by default you will see their timeline of Tweets without replies: that is, you won’t see Tweets that begin with an @username. If you’d like to see all Tweets including replies, you can easily select “All” above the Tweets timeline on these profile pages.

A new way to experience profiles: with or without replies

This simplified profile, which we’re rolling out to verified accounts over the coming weeks, makes it easier to understand what kind of content the user shares on Twitter, and what Tweets you’ll see if you follow them. (Remember that replies on Twitter begin with an @username and are only seen by people who follow both the Tweet author and the @username at the beginning of the Tweet.)

Now you can quickly find out what your favorite musicians, athletes and brands are saying and doing, even if they frequently reply to others. And you can also continue to discover great moments on Twitter like when @MollyRingwald and @SalmanRushdie discussed following one another on Twitter.

-Michael Sippey, Director, Product Team (@sippey)