Let’s Fly: Mobile

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Let’s Fly: Mobile

Last week we announced a new version of Twitter that provides a familiar experience across the web and mobile phones. We are rolling out the new version to Twitter.com over the next few weeks, and you can see it now on Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android and our mobile web app - mobile.twitter.com.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the new version of Twitter on your phone.

  • Blue glow. A blue glow underneath any of the tabs means you have new Tweets (in Home), Interactions (in Connect), Stories (in Discover) or Direct messages (in Me).
  • Jump to the top. When you’re done scrolling through a tab, just tap the icon to jump to the top of that tab’s timeline. Double-tap a tab you’re not currently viewing to jump to the top of that timeline.
  • Tweet details. Want to find out more about a Tweet in your timeline? Tap a Tweet to go to the details page, which includes photos and video, conversations, linked web pages and the number of favorites and retweets the Tweet has received.

While this new version of Twitter scales across different platforms with a consistent navigation and actions, each app also has its own unique details.

Learn more about the different Twitter mobile apps in our Help Center.

As we’re rolling out Twitter.com to users, some folks have wondered how they can get it sooner. Just download and log in to Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android, and you will get earlier access to the new version of Twitter on your computer. It takes some time to update, but once you’ve logged in to the app, just know it’s coming!