The Zen of Twitter Support

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Zen of Twitter Support

The Twitter support team is lead by Crystal along with two other full-time employees including one dedicated solely to spam. We also have an additional part-time employee helping out. As you might imagine, this little team handles a lot of requests and does an amazing job with precious few resources. To further improve efficiency we’ve just migrated to new support software called Zendesk.

We looked at several options and found Zendesk to be a perfect fit—it works seamlessly with other tools we love such as Campfire, Highrise, and they’ve even created a built-in Twitter integration via SMS called Targets. Plus, the Support Dropbox allows us to place one-click feedback on any web page. Check out the Zendesk blog for more info about our partnership.

What Does It Mean for You?

We expect an increase in productivity with this move which should translate to faster solutions to any issues you might experience while using Twitter. Ticket specificity means requests get sent to the right department and help resources such as tips, troubleshooting, and policies will be easier to find. Visit our new Zendesk powered site at

A significant part of support queries are in regard to policies and rules of engagement on Twitter. As part of this new support improvement, we’re previewing a document called Twitter Rules which will provide more clarity around some of the questions people have when it comes to issues of content and usage boundaries.