Testing A More Integrated Search Experience

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Testing A More Integrated Search ExperienceSearch and Trends in Twitter for a fraction of folks.

Twitter Search has been growing ever more popular despite the fact that it lives on a subdomain of our site. Today, we’ve placed Search and Trends into the signed-in home pages of a limited set of accounts to get a better sense of how it works for folks before we release the feature completely into the wild. Most people will not see this test, just a small, random subset.

Searching over Twitter messages is like a filter for what is happening right now—it’s an interesting look into the real-time thoughts of people and organizations around the world. Whether you’re curious about something specific or you just want to browse the trending topics, we’ve found that Twitter Search adds a new layer of relevance.

Only accounts that choose to be publicly accessible are included in Twitter Search. However, more than 90% of the folks who use Twitter have decided to make their accounts public. It seems that people, companies, and organizations are discovering there is value in openness. We’re looking forward to a full launch once a bunch of us have kicked the tires a bit.