Salesforce Integrates Twitter

Monday, 23 March 2009

From small companies to big, there’s an increasing amount of business use happening with Twitter. Lots of these companies are using Twitter to search for mentions of their brands or products and then finding ways to better serve customers. Salesforce has taken notice and today announced an enterprise product built upon the Twitter platform.

Customer Relationship Management is a whole big thing that companies worldwide use Salesforce for to run smarter businesses. Salesforce CRM for Twitter makes it easy for companies to connect with customers from within the Salesforce Service Cloud—which is also a whole big thing. If you use Salesforce then you know about this stuff.

Twitter is a simple and open communication service made more interesting by the many different uses people invent. Applications, projects, and integrations such as Salesforce CRM add to an ecosystem which continues to grow around Twitter delivering variety, relevance, and most importantly, value to users. This ecosystem helps make Twitter successful.