BestBuy, Good Stuff

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We’re beginning to discover the value that customers and consumers are getting from businesses who use Twitter in smart and interesting ways. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are discovering the value too—whether it’s raising the bottom line or engaging more actively with consumers.

A small business like a bakery will send out a tweet that the cookies just came out of the oven and a few dozen local followers will rush over and buy warm cookies. The customers like it and the small businesses owners love it. Big companies are using Twitter in interesting ways too.

BestBuy has created a program they call Twelpforce. The idea is that employees from across the organization can interact quickly and easily with customers who have questions about products. This is a different approach but it’s smart—they’re building trust and fostering happy, informed customers. That’s good stuff.

We’ve been studying how customers and businesses interact and derive value from Twitter. From this research, findings, use cases, and best practices have emerged. We’re putting together a document based on our studies and we’ll find a spot on our web site to share it with everyone when it’s ready.