How @kingfisherworld personalised live engagement with cricket fans on Twitter

Thursday, 9 June 2016

During the recent Cricket season, Twitter’s timelines lit up as advertisers and brands connected with emotionally charged fans who religiously followed the IPL series on the platform. This season, Kingfisher (@kingfisherworld) took an unconventional approach by leveraging Twitter’s big data and offered fans a live, personal connection to their IPL idols.

APAC’s first live personalised marketing campaign: Personalised Videos from your favourite IPL teams

Kingfisher has been experimenting and investing in innovation on Twitter in the past two years. During IPL this cricket season, Kingfisher collaborated with Twitter to co-create a first in Asia custom solution ‘Name Targeting’ campaign to connect cricket fans with their favourite teams in real time. Kingfisher created personalised videos of all six partner teams at IPL and posted them from @kingfisherworld as a token of gratitude for the fans’ support.

The brand made use of Twitter’s rich archival data to bring fans closer to their cricketing heroes, showcasing videos of the IPL teams they support, personalised with the mention of their names. Twitter partnered with NetBase to identify the most popular names of fans for each of the IPL teams Kingfisher sponsors as part of the campaign development.

This is the second year in a row that we have partnered with Twitter for the cricket season and this has been our most innovative year yet. Using Twitter’s big data, we were able to identify top fans for each of our partner teams on Twitter and deliver unique video Tweets created with the popular players of respective teams. These were then personally Tweeted to the most ardent fans of these teams from our @kingfisherworld handle

Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Sr. Vice President- Marketing, United Breweries

The Results

The campaign generated a significant amount of genuine, organic expressions of love for Kingfisher and the IPL teams they sponsor. Over 85,000 IPL fans were pleasantly surprised on Twitter. The brand saw its Daily Positive Sentiment increase by more than 250% on the days the Name Targeting campaign was active. Popular Indian VJ Nikhil Chinapa (@nikhilchinapa) was one such lucky fan who actively engaged with Kingfisher amongst the torrent of tweets that expressed their delight at receiving the extremely personalised video cards that had top players speaking out loud the fan’s name and tweeting it to their personal handles.

The Name Targeting campaign leveraged Twitter’s public, live, conversational platform to pull data and deliver personalisation at scale. The response has been extremely positive, and it has fostered our relationship with the partner teams and cricket fans. We were able to bring to life our ‘Divided by Teams, United by Kingfisher’ campaign thought with this unique initiative

Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Sr. Vice President- Marketing, United Breweries