Making customer service even better on Twitter

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Today, we’re excited to announce two new tools to help businesses provide even better customer service on Twitter.

Twitter is live, public, and conversational — and the best place for businesses and customers to connect. In fact, with millions of customer service-related interactions happening every month on the platform, many of our advertisers tell us that over 80% of their inbound social customer service requests happen on Twitter. These businesses generate impressive results — not only are their customers more satisfied, but they also see a cost per resolution that is ⅙ the cost of a call centre interaction. And this leads to increased brand loyalty and sales: recent research shows that when a customer Tweets a question or complaint to an airline and receives a response, they’re willing to pay on average $9 more for their next purchase from that airline.

Now let’s talk about our new tools: helping customers move from Tweets to Direct Messages, and Customer Feedback.

A simple way to start a Direct Message
Direct Messages are a great way for customers to have a private conversation with a business. Customer service conversations often start in Tweets, but then need to transition to a private channel when personal information is required. We’re making that transition as easy as a single click. A business can now add a deep link to their Tweets that automatically displays a call to action button, which allows the customer to send the business a Direct Message, quickly and easily.

Making customer service even better on Twitter

We’ve already heard from partners about how they’re excited to start using this feature in order to create a better experience for their customers:

“Care is the new face of marketing. Twitter has proven it’s an amazing place for brands to talk to and ultimately build relationships with their customers, and one of the best ways to do that is by helping them when they need it most. Twitter’s new customer service features are a testament to the fact that brands need to quickly and effectively engage on the customer’s terms, on the channel of their choosing, and at scale. As one of Twitter’s Customer Service partners, Sprinklr is looking forward to helping our clients — some of the biggest brands on the planet — deliver even better experiences on this critically important social platform.” – Elizabeth Closmore, Global Head of Product Evangelism & Partnerships, Sprinklr.

Customer Feedback
We’re also announcing a new feature called Customer Feedback that enables people to privately share their opinions with a business after a service interaction.

Care teams have told us they love the open-ended feedback they get from users via Tweets and Direct Messages, but they also need the ability to survey customers in a structured way to better measure and improve their service experience. Customer Feedback makes it easy for customers to share their feedback with a business after a customer service conversation. With this feature, businesses will be able to use two industry standard question formats: Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Making customer service even better on Twitter

“Twitter is now a larger service channel than email for many leading companies, and they’ve responded by building major social care operations to handle the volume. Being able to measure the success of these operations through measures like CSAT and NPS is a hugely important next step, both to measure the quality of care and to compare with other channels. As a Twitter Official Partner, we’re excited to help bring these measurements into the native user experience—innovations like these help our clients like Google, Sprint, Hyatt, Hertz and more deliver great service over Twitter.”
Joshua March, Founder & CEO, Conversocial

“Twitter is the go-to network for our digitally-connected guests. Understanding customer satisfaction in relation to the service we’re giving on social is incredibly important to Caesars, and we’re excited to embrace these two features to facilitate that understanding.” - Greg Cannon, VP of Digital, Caesars Entertainment (a Spredfast client)

Get started
Starting today, all businesses Tweeting around the world can start adding Direct Message deep links to their Tweets. Customer Feedback will begin rolling out to select brands over the next few weeks.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started with these features by partnering with leading companies in the customer service industry. Twitter Official Partners Conversocial, Hootsuite, Lithium, Salesforce, Spredfast, Sprinklr, and Sprout Social, as well as Sparkcentral, are working to make these tools available in their existing customer service workflows. We’ve also worked closely with customer feedback specialists at Delighted so their businesses can view NPS® surveys collected on Twitter alongside feedback from other channels, like email.

To learn more about how to implement Direct Message deep links for customer service, visit our Help Centre or contact our Business Development team. Or, you can reach out to one of our Official Partners directly to learn more about getting started with Customer Feedback.

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