Open Sourcing Clutch.IO

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Clutch is an easy-to-integrate library for native iOS applications designed to help you develop faster, deploy instantly and run A/B tests. When Clutch co-founders Eric Florenzano (@ericflo) and Eric Maguire (@etmaguire) recently joined the flock, they promised that everything you need to run Clutch on your own infrastructure would be available.

Today, we’ve open-sourced the code on GitHub under the Apache Public License 2.0, now with improved documentation to help get you started. As a reminder the hosted service will be active and supported until November 1. After that you can use the open-sourced code to run it on your own and modify it to your needs. Read more about how to set up your instance on GitHub and ask any questions on the mailing list or on Twitter via @clutchio.

Releasing this code as an open source project is just the beginning. There are still plenty of areas for improvement from better documentation to an easier setup process. Now that the project is publicly available, we look forward to seeing a community blossom and grow the project into something greater.

- Chris Aniszczyk, Manager of Open Source (@cra)