Twitter and the MRC: Brand Safety Accreditation Agreement

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

We believe that a safer Twitter is a better Twitter and we’re committed to transparently working towards making Twitter a safer place for everyone - both people and brands.  As part of that mission, in December 2020, we shared our commitment to undergo the Media Ratings Council’s accreditation process across all four of their Accreditation Service focus areas: Viewability, Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Filtration, Audience Measurement, and Brand Safety. In that announcement, we shared that we would begin this process with the Brand Safety audit.

Our team has spent the first half of 2021 working with the MRC to align on the scope, sequencing, and timing of the audits. We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with the MRC for a Brand Safety pre-assessment and we are excited to begin reaching additional milestones as we move into the second half of this year.

Twitter and the MRC have agreed that the Brand Safety audit will assess our compliance with certain Brand Safety standards when serving ads in environments including Home timeline, User profiles, Search results, and our Amplify pre-roll product. In the coming months, we will undergo a pre-assessment process which is designed to help both Twitter and the MRC assess the audit-readiness of Twitter’s operations, methodology, processing, reporting, and disclosures in the Brand Safety space. We will use the findings of this pre-assessment to identify any areas of improvement and agree on high-level recommendations for remediating any gaps. 

Given the established scope of the MRC Brand Safety audit, Twitter is also committed to continuing to work with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to align on industry standards and to help shape how the advertising industry as a whole thinks about brand safety, brand suitability, and other safety and integrity issues.

Simultaneously, we are continuing to work towards the next big milestones which include agreements with the MRC about the scope of and timelines for the Audience Measurement, Viewability, and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Filtration audits. We expect to tackle the Audience Measurement audit next, with the remaining two to follow in sequence. 

We look forward to the future of our engagement with the MRC and are excited to continue our progress towards achieving accreditation in all four of the aforementioned areas. 

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