Update on Amplify Publisher Program requirements

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Publishers who share content on Twitter are a critical part of the rich conversation happening on the platform each day. We believe that a healthy ecosystem for publishers is paramount to helping people see what’s happening in the world, and we will continue to help publishers succeed. Because of our revenue-share model, success on both ends comes from true partnership. After nearly 5 years investing in Amplify and new digital creator models, we are proud of how our efforts have grown, now extending to over ten markets across the globe. Many publishers are seeing record revenue, with a 60 percent year over year increase in 2017 payout to publishers through our suite of monetization products: In-Stream Video Ads and Sponsorships, Periscope Super Hearts and Niche.


The Amplify Publisher Program was created to make it easy for publishers to monetize video on Twitter, and also turn-key for advertisers to align with brand-safe content. By working closely with the world’s premiere TV networks, sports leagues and teams, digital publishers, advertisers and agencies, we’ve gained an understanding of our partners’ needs.


Today, we are sharing an update to our eligibility requirements for new and existing publishers as part of the Amplify Publisher Program. These requirements, which apply to In-Stream Video Ads and Sponsorships, will strengthen our partnership with those who adhere to Twitter’s Safe for Ads guidelines, newly updated today. We believe this will provide more clarity on what is acceptable to be monetized.

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Premium publishers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be verified
  • Publish brand-safe content according to Safe For Ads content guidelines
  • Be an active Twitter video publisher
  • Accept the Amplify Publisher Program Terms & Conditions
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These eligibility requirements ensure that brands can reach their target audience while aligning with premium publisher content. Marketers often have to choose between quality and scale when they choose to advertise, but can get both by leveraging In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter.


Amplify Publisher Program is just one of the many ways publishers and creators can monetize their content on Twitter. Programs like Periscope Super Hearts and Niche also empower publishers to extend their reach and give people an opportunity to make a career out of their content.


Changes to the program requirements will be enacted in the coming weeks. Publishers can reach out to their partner manager with any questions.

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