#LostTweets with Steve Aoki: Talking Hair, BTS, and Social Listening

Friday, 20 September 2019

Ever felt the urge to braid DJ Steve Aoki’s hair or dream of him throwing cake in your face? You’re not alone.

Twitter Partner Marketing Manager Kim Wu sat down with the #PanteneOppa hair icon to share some of the best Tweets about Steve Aoki that received little to no engagement.

“There are a lot of Tweets happening on Twitter about you, but a lot of times, they’re not tagging you or they’re not using a hashtag and they get no ‘Likes,’” she told Aoki.

The Twitter Lost Tweets series uncovers those hard-to-find conversations, with the help of social listening tools like technology from Sprinklr. Millions of people Tweet about celebrities, brands, and topics every day but unless those posts include an @ mention or hashtag, they’re easily missed by the people who want to see them most. 

And when it comes to Steve Aoki’s, there’s a lot of Tweets about his hair  — and cake. 

Check it out:

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