#HolidayIsHappening: Twitter launches first holiday insights campaign

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Twitter will provide real-time holiday insights, powered by Brandwatch, throughout November and December 2017.

#HolidayIsHappening on Twitter. From discovering new gift ideas and recipes, to Tweeting about what ugly sweater to wear, to sharing what shows to binge watch while home for the holidays, the conversation is taking place on Twitter. This year, Twitter is partnering with Brandwatch and Cheddar to keep holiday enthusiasts up to date on what’s hot and what’s not this season.

We will be sharing these insights as quickly as the conversations are unfolding on Twitter, uncovering trends found on holiday shopping behavior and offering brands ways to hone in on these behaviors for a successful holiday season on Twitter. These insights will include the hottest gifts, the most talked about brands of the week, top Tweeted emojis, and most mentioned hashtags, spanning across various categories, such as gadgets and toys, auto, fashion, entertainment, and food and drink.

We’ll also be listening to what’s happening in real-time to unveil what people are talking about during the biggest moments of the holiday season, such as what recipes to make for Thanksgiving or what brands people are talking about ahead of Cyber Monday. Through Brandwatch, we’ll be sorting through holiday-related Tweets and focus on the ones that show purchase intent. That way, we’re able to see what people want to actually buy this season and give brands and marketers actionable insights to optimize their campaigns in real time.


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How to Stay Informed this Holiday Season

You can keep up to date all season long through the following channels:

@TwitterMktg #HolidayIsHappening Chatbot: Marketers can sign up to receive actionable insights around what’s hot (and what’s not) by using a new #HolidayIsHappening chatbot. These insights will be delivered right to their Direct Message inbox, with tips on how to use these insights to best optimize their campaigns. Topics include what’s trending during the holidays with a deep-dive on gadgets and toys, fashion, entertainment, food and drinks, and auto.

Cheddar #HolidayIsHappening News Desk: Kicking off on November 9th at 3pm ET, Cheddar will be featuring the #HolidayIsHappening news desk highlighting in-the-moment insights. Each segment will feature a different take on the holidays by listening to what’s happening on Twitter. Tune in on @cheddar every Tuesday and Friday between 3 and 4pm ET.

Twitter will also be hand-delivering these insights to select agencies in New York City via an interactive #HolidayIsHappening experience starting today through November 9th.

Don’t forget to tune in to Cheddar this Thursday, November 9th as Twitter Global VP of Revenue and Operations Matt Derella and Cheddar CEO, Jon Steinberg take you through what’s trending (so you don’t get your niece a Fidget Spinner when all of the other kids are getting a Fingerling). And follow @TwitterMktg to discover what people are talking about this holiday season to make sure your ads are relevant and targeted.



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