Insights into the 2019 #FIFAWWC conversation on Twitter

Monday, 8 July 2019
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This summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup captured the hearts and attention of the globe, and as ever the conversation flowed on Twitter throughout. 

Whether it was VAR, goal celebrations or notable omissions from the line-up, Twitter was the place where football fans came together to follow the agony, ecstasy and heartbreak of the tournament.

After 52 matches that got the planet’s pulses racing, including the epic FIFA Women’s World Cup Final between USA (@USWNT) and The Netherlands (@oranjevrouwen) we’ve compiled the moments that illustrate the massive role Twitter played for fans since the event began on June 7.

Wonderstrikes, two-footed tackles, or the managers’ tactical acumen all drove Twitter to discuss all things related to the #FIFAWWC.


Fans Tweeted the most during the USA v Netherlands final

We saw the bulk of the conversation during the live matches, including the final match between the USA and The Netherlands which was the most tweeted about game of the #FIFAWWC

Here are the five most-Tweeted matches:

  1. Final: USA vs NED
  2. England vs USA
  3. France vs USA
  4. France vs Brazil
  5. USA vs Thailand


Fans sent more Tweets when USA won the World Cup than at any other point during the tournament.

Here are the top five moments that generated the biggest peaks of Twitter conversation, measured in Tweets per minute (TPM), during the entire tournament:

  1. July 7th, Final: USA wins World Cup over NED
  2. July 7th, Final: Rose Lavelle’s goal in minute 69, giving USA a 2-0 lead over NED
  3. July 7th, Final: Megan Rapinoe’s penalty kick goal in minute 62 breaking the tie to give USA a 1-0 lead over NED
  4. July 2nd, USA vs ENG: USA beat ENG to advance to final
  5. July 2nd, USA vs ENG: Alex Morgan scored for USA giving them 2-0 lead and “sipped tea" as a celebration



At the same time equal pay was being chanted at the stadium in Lyon following the USWNT’s win, there was a 5x increase in Tweets about "pay."


The US sent more Tweets than any other nation during the #FIFAWWC.

Football fans around the globe came to Twitter to talk about the event. Fans in the US sent more Tweets about the tournament than any other country.

Here’s a ranking of the countries who Tweeted the most:

  1. US
  2. Brazil
  3. England
  4. France
  5. Spain


Megan Rapinoe was the most-mentioned player of the tournament.

These were the most mentioned players of the  #FIFAWWC:

  1. Megan Rapinoe (USA)
  2. Alex Morgan (USA)
  3. Marta (BRA)
  4. Cristiane (BRA)
  5. Ali Krieger (USA)


USA was the most-mentioned team of the #FIFAWWC.

Here are the most Tweeted about teams of the tournament:

  1. USA
  2. Brazil
  3. England


Nike was the most-discussed brand on Twitter

Football fans weren’t the only people following the #FIFAWWC. Several brands joined the conversation as the action on the pitch unfolded. These were the most globally mentioned brands of the tournament:

  1. Nike
  2. Budweiser
  3. Visa




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