Announcing the 2018 #Promote Innovation Challenge finalists and winner

Monday, 15 October 2018

And that’s a wrap! The 2018 #Promote Innovation Challenge has come to an end. The marketing solutions submitted this year were among the most diverse and inventive that we’ve seen in the three years that we’ve run #Promote. We’re delighted to share the results and tell you a bit about each of the finalists.

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Each year, we seek out the most innovative solutions in the industry to highlight in our annual #Promote Innovation Challenge. This year, we took it up a notch with a focus on impact and execution. Each of the six selected finalists were matched with a brand advertiser and given the opportunity to prove their solution with a $50,000 Twitter ad campaign.

Once campaigns were completed, we invited all finalists to @TwitterNYC to present their solution and case study before a judging panel of Twitter executives.

The 2018 #Promote Innovation Challenge judging panel included JP Maheu (VP, Twitter Client Solutions, US); Guilherme Ribenboim (VP, Global Client Solutions Development); Robin Wheeler (Senior Director, Sales); Ilya Brown (Senior Director, Product Management); and Stacy Minero (Head of Content Creation).


Finalists had just 10 minutes to communicate why their product is the most creative solution that delivers real results for Twitter marketers. Judges scored each presentation and then deliberated over which business to award the grand prize of $100,000 in Twitter media.


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Grand prize winner: Popwallet

Popwallet is a mobile wallet marketing automation platform, providing brands a new way to communicate with people by capitalizing on the reach, engagement, and measurement available through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay. The Popwallet Popcard platform supports multiple marketing cases, including coupons and offers, loyalty programs, gift cards, event access, and general branded content — all made better for brands and consumers through mobile wallet activations.


Finalist: VidMob

VidMob’s Agile Creative Studio provides marketers with the tools to understand, optimize, and build more effective net new social advertising. The product provides near real-time insights on the “why” of creative performance and gives marketers tools to act on those insights within days.


Finalist: Jebbit

Jebbit is the world's first declared data company. Brands use Jebbit to build mobile-first interactive web experiences that drive conversion, and to capture fully consented first-party data around consumers' motivations, interests, intentions, and preferences.


Finalist: QWVR by IC Group

Bridging the value between Twitter advertising spend and execution of engaging marketing campaigns, QWVR delivers live automated programs to generate greater media spend via the power of core native Twitter actions of Tweets, likes, and Retweets.


Finalist: Brandwatch

Brandwatch Audiences is an influencer and audience analysis tool that helps marketers find the people that matter and identify the best ways to reach them via content marketing, influencers, and precision ad targeting.


Finalist: Amobee

Amobee’s unique solution maximizes efficiency, precision, and scale for moment-based marketing on Twitter — by dynamically trafficking media and localizing delivery based on a custom matrix of real-time, real-world dimensions that predict and impact consumer behavior.


Congratulations to our winner, Popwallet, and to all of the impressive finalists! To all of our partners — thank you for making #Promote2018 a success and for all of your valuable contributions in serving our mutual customers. We’re looking forward to building our partnerships and developing creative, impactful solutions for our mutual customers.

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