Introducing Twitter’s Global Impact Report

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Today, we’re excited to share our first Global Impact Report, a cohesive representation of the work we’ve done across environment, social, and governance issues since Twitter’s founding in 2006.

Now more than ever, building trust through transparency and accountability is key to delivering on our purpose of serving the public conversation. Over the years, we’ve been open about our work and where we’re making an impact - from our quarterly I&D Reports that highlight our commitments to inclusion and diversity, to our Transparency Reports which reflect our work to protect the integrity of the conversation on Twitter.

This report aims to bring these and other initiatives together in one place, showcasing Twitter’s work across corporate responsibility, sustainability, and philanthropy. It’s a big step in our commitment to sharing more about the work we know is important to the people we serve - from our employees, or Tweeps, to partners, investors and the people around the world who use Twitter. 

For our 2020 report, we’ve organized our work into five key areas:  

  1. Our service: Earning trust is one of our core operating principles, and it begins with how we act. We want people to have safe, inclusive and authentic conversations on Twitter, and we’re working to promote healthy conversations on our service while continuing to grow our audience and our business in socially responsible ways.
  2. Governance: We’re committed to sound corporate governance, strong ethics and compliance practices, which promote the long-term interests of the diverse communities we serve and help build public trust in Twitter.
  3. People and culture: We often say that​ Tweeps come for the purpose and stay for the people, along with the unique experience and knowledge gained from working at Twitter. This includes building a company and culture that reflects the incredibly vibrant and diverse conversations happening on our service every day.
  4. Twitter for Good: Strengthening our communities is core to our social impact philosophy. Our goal is to bring our company and community together as a positive societal force around the world.
  5. Planet: Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We’re committed to protecting the environment, reducing our carbon footprint, and fostering long-term sustainability projects to play our part.

Our hope is that by presenting and organizing our work in this way, we’ll be able to clearly showcase what we’ve done and provide a roadmap of where we’re headed.  

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What’s next

We’ve made an impact - both as a company and as a service supporting the public conversation. While our work is not done, we’re confident that our progress and our clarity of purpose position us well to continue making an impact and improving the health of the public conversation. We’ll continue to make progress on these important initiatives and share more about our efforts in the future.

In the meantime, we’ll keep listening to your ideas and feedback. We’re grateful to our dedicated employees, our extraordinary NGO partners, and the diverse communities around the world that we serve. We will make Twitter and the world stronger, together. 

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